• Medium sized working sled dog, quick and light on feet. Free and graceful in action, well-furred, erect ears and brush tail. Proportions reflect a basic balance of power, speed and endurance, never appearing so heavy or so coarse as to suggest a freighting animal nor so light and fragile as to suggest a sprint-racing animal. Males are masculine but never coarse, bitches feminine but without weakness of structure. Muscle firm and well developed. No excess weight.
  • Height: Dogs 53-60 cm (21-23.5″) at withers. Bitches 51-56 cm (20-22″) at withers.
  • Weight: Dogs 20-27 kgs (45-60-1bs) Bitches 16-23 kgs (35-50 1bs) Weight should be in proportion to height.
  • Siberians come in all colours and markings, red, black, grey, white, sable, piebald (white with patches of colour). They usually have a fair amount of white in their coats and some are tri-coloured.
  • Their eyes can be brown, hazel, blue (which doesn’t mean they are blind) bi-eyed (one blue and the other brown) or the eyes can be two colours which is called parti-eyed, split-eyed or marble eyed.
  • They are a double coated breed with a dense, soft undercoat, while the guard hairs of the outer coat are never harsh, shaggy or too silky. Some Sibes are long coated which although pretty is not acceptable for the show ring. In their natural habitat, in snow conditions, long coats ice up and become poor insulators. The dogs shed their coats twice a year, generally when they feel like it, weather is not an indicator. Some Huskies shed completely overnight (if you are lucky) others shed in great clumps for what seems an eternity. Grooming is required but not necessarily daily. During the moult, it helps to give them a good brush and comb every day. Sibes are very clean animals and wash themselves, not unlike a cat. Their coats are odour free unless they have rolled in something nasty, or perhaps sleep in a straw bed. It is not a bad idea to brush their teeth every other day.