Some words of Advice

  • There is a subtle difference between a PEDIGREE DOG and a KENNEL CLUB REGISTERED PEDIGREE DOG.
  • The puppy/dog, which HAS been registered with the Kennel Club, is able to compete at dog shows licensed by the Kennel Club. It will be eligible for entry at breed club events such as working rallies. Should you decide to breed in the future, this dogs` offspring may also be registered with the Kennel Club provided it has been bred with another K.C registered Siberian Husky.
  • The PEDIGREE DOG may possibly have been bred “pure” but without the above documentation would not be permitted to enjoy the privileges of the K.C registered dog. At present the cost to a breeder to register their stock with the Kennel Club is only £10.00 per puppy. So beware of the offer “£250.00 without papers £500.00 with!” It does NOT make sense.
  • PUPPY FARMERS also need to register their stock with the Kennel Club. It is not possible for the Kennel Club to be aware of all those considered as puppy farmers in any one breed, so the list that is enclosed within their information “packs” may include the names of less reputable breeders- so get in touch and we will be able to help by verifying the REPUTABLE breeders.
  • Reputable breeders, in conjunction with the club’s Code Of Ethics, have the dogs and bitches they are breeding from eye tested and hip scored- so please ask them to show you the test certificates for EACH parent: – EYES should be clear from Hereditary Cataracts, Corneal Dystrophy, PPM and an extra test- called a gonioscopy- should have been made for Primary Glaucoma.
  • Stock “Pre-disposed or Affected” SHOULD NOT be bred from.
  • Hips of both parents should have been X-rayed for hip displasia, our Code Of Ethics give you further recommendations about this.
  • Many REPUTABLE breeders “endorse” a puppy’s KC registration certificate with the words “Progeny not eligible for registration”. More often than not, once the two above tests have been made on your Siberian, with satisfactory results, this endorsement is removed and you may be able to breed your Siberian in the future. Maybe this material can help you. There is no fee charged for this service by the Kennel Club- SO- being asked to pay “an extra hundred” for no endorsements is a bit of a scam.
  • Remember also- make sure the puppy’s parents have had their endorsements lifted. There is usually a Sales Contract from REPUTABLE breeders explaining all these scenarios. Again we are there to help if you need more advice.