Welcome to the SSHC !

This is the first stop for all Siberian Husky owners and anyone interested in the breed. This is a lovely breed to own but certainly not for the faint hearted!

If you need to contact the SSHC, please use the relevant contact details below:

For these issues:Please contact :
MembershipGeorgia Lawrence
Show Enquiries
Working/Rally Information
Welfare Advice 
All other general enquiries Georgia Lawrence

The SSHC hold Championship and Open dog shows where entry is available to all Kennel Club registered Siberian Huskies.  And we host judging seminars, which members and non members are welcome to attend.

We also have a busy rally season from October to March where only members are eligible to compete, but all spectators are welcome.

All members will have access to The Northern Exposure online magazine and discounts on their show entries.
The club actively promotes health screening in the breed where all breeding stock must be hip scored and eye tested clear.
Anyone looking to purchase a Siberian Husky please make sure both parents are hip scored and have an up to date clear eye certificate. And at least the mother should be seen with the puppies.
Only buy a KC registered puppy – a pedigree (family tree) alone does not mean your puppy is KC registered. You should also receive a document clearly printed The Kennel Club, with their logo. Dog Lovers registration is not the same as KC registration and should be avoided.
Due to the nature of the breed and their safety the SSHC advise that Siberian Huskies must be kept on the lead at all times.