Help to lift our students' spirits!

We would like to install a platform lift within our building to help accommodate our current, and prospective student base for the future. This lift would mean that students who were previously unable to reach the upper floors can now access a wider range of classrooms, and two of the main toilets we have in the building. It is estimated that this will cost £65,000.

What we are doing to make this happen: We have already received a grant from Edward Cadbury Trust, many students have made personal donations to the lift fund and all proceeds from the 2018 Christmas Fair will be put towards the costs of the lift. There is a totalizer chart on the board in the hall showing the total raised so far. It currently stands at £9512. We recently submitted an application to the Aviva Community Fund for a grant and we thank everyone who voted for us on the Aviva website.  Unfortunately, we received this response from Aviva: 

"We had millions of votes cast this year, and after counting them all we're sorry to tell you your project didn’t get enough votes to take you through to this year’s final. We know this is disappointing news for you, but we want to thank you for all the hard work you have put into creating your submission and gathering votes."

We continue to apply for other grants and organise fundraising events. Your help is greatly appreciated.

What you can do to help:  if you would like to donate money to The Percival Guildhouse Lift Project, please contact the office on 01788 542467 to help in our quest to lift our students’ spirits!


Thank you


Our Story: 

Here at The Percival Guildhouse, community is at the heart of what we do! As a registered charity in Rugby Town Centre, we provide non-vocational adult education to the community of Rugby and the surrounding areas. With lots of wonderful classes running in the morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday dayschools there is lots for
all to enjoy.

64% of our current students are aged between 62 - 78, and a further 10% are over 80 years old. Several have health conditions which make it difficult for them to access the 1st and 2nd floors of our Grade II Listed building. This can mean being unable to attend or even having to withdraw from their class altogether. We are making every effort to secure funding to install a lift to make the whole building accessible.