NOTE: Since 1StopHosting and 1StopWebs offer the same products (domains and hosting) the main difference 1Stophosing is self service (DIY) for client's who wish to build their own or their client's website and 1StopWebs offers a very personal and complete service where every thing is done for you. So rather than repeating the same information on each site I have linked to 1StopWebs in a new window. All the links on this page link to 1StopWebs.

ABOUT BOB the founder of 1STOPS

I have always been interested in electronics and printing.  I started work as a trainee TV engineer as I thought this would be the trade of the future. In those days it was valves and converters (so that you could receive ITV on a BBC only TVs). No colour  just black and white 405 lines. It's a bit different now HD in colour with stereo sound, teletext and remote controls. It progressed to transistors and later the microchip which consists of thousands or even millions of transistors on one slice or chip of silicon. More about Bob...


My mission is to help small business to succeed who in turn help me to succeed. I do this by providing personal and online help and tips via my website. See articles Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and glossary and by my free business club which provides free articles and tips on a regular basis to help everyone not just our clients. More about my mission...


1StopWebs provides a complete professional web service, all you have to do is provide the content and I will do the rest. The benefits to you is that your website is running quicker and you can keep your focus on running your business. Bespoke Website


1StopHosting provides you with all the tools needed for you build your own website. Obtain your own domain name and hosting in real time and start building your site in minutes. You have your own control panel from where you control your website and emails I provide a FREE WebBuilder, Templates, Clipart, Stock Photos, and a host of FREE software including Shopping Carts, and special CGI Scripts to add extra features to your website.


Save money and save the planet
What can I do to save the planet - not a lot. But if everyone did their little bit then all these little bits add up. As an added bonus you save money! More...

While I am on about saving money - have a look at


We will never share or sell your details to anyone, ever, under any circumstances except by order of the law courts or law enforcement agencies.

Like you we hate spam (un-requested emails sent out on mass emailing). All our newsletters, articles, tips etc., are sent at the request of the recipient together with an unsubscribe link with will automatically delete the entry from our email list.

Anybody abusing or spamming any website will be traced and details passed on to the relevant authorities. More on my Privacy Policy...


The best adverting for my services is done by my clients. Most of my work is repeat business and from recommendations. Many of my clients have been with me for years and have become more like friends. More....

THE 1STOPS GROUP for those who wish to build their own website. Buy your domain and hosting in real time and start building your website straight away. offers the complete bespoke website service. Award-winning package combining high-speed broadband and low-cost calls including Line rental. Other utility services like Energy (Gas and Electricity) with unique "Triple Value" Guarantee gives you peace of mind. Free telephone calls to 01, 02 & 03 numbers the more services you take the more free calls. For details please contact me. - Our original one stop service formed in 1973 under the banner of "Printing Services" as its name implies gives a complete service in all aspects of printing.

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